Monday, June 19, 2006

Martin Denny

Martin Denny is the King of Exotica - his first record with that name released back in the 60's that came to represent that genre of music beloved of audiophiles and lovers of strange and other worldly music that fills your head with the sounds of the jungle, far off pacific islands and distant shores. Volume 2 carries on where the first left off - " Herein Mr. Denny's imagination has gone even further afield, and with superb Spectra-Sonic Sound giving us matchless fidelity, he has further exlored the myriad tinkle of instruments foreign to our civilization, plus fresh approaches on those firmiliar to our ears."

"Denny was born in New York, and raised in Los Angeles, California. He studied classical piano and at a young age toured South America for four and a half years with the Don Dean Orchestra. This tour began Denny's fascination with Latin rhythms.
After serving in the United States Army Air Forces in World War II, Denny returned to Los Angeles where he studied piano and composition under Dr. Wesley La Violette and orchestration under Arthur Lange at the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music. He also studied at the University of Southern California.
In January of 1954, Don the Beachcomber's (which later became Duke Kahanamoku's) brought Denny to Honolulu, Hawaii. He performed here for ten years, forming his own combo in 1955 and signing to Liberty Records. The original combo consisted of Augie Colon on percussion and birdcalls, Arthur Lyman on vibes, John Kramer on string bass, and Denny on piano. Lyman soon left to form his own group and future Herb Alpert sideman and Baja Marimba founder Julius Wechter replaced him. Harvey Ragsdale later replaced John Kramer."

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Martin Denny - Soshu Night Serenade

Martin Denny - Island Of Dreams

Martin Denny - Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara)

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