Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fred Douglas

Not really a boot sale find but an excuse to upload some novelty songs by Fred Douglas who I know nothing about except he made lots of cover versions of hits on the cheap Regal label that sold in Woolworths I believe back in the 30's and 40's. Later they had the Embassy label which did a similar service - all the pop hits of the day by obscure singers who nobody had ever heard of! Fred Douglas went by several other nom de plumes so probably appeared on other records too.
Also this is a good way to try out SendSpace file hosting. I want to see if they last any longer than YouSendIt. We shall see.

Fred Douglas - When It's Night Time In Italy/Felix Kept On Walking

Fred Douglas - Why Robinson Crusoe Got The Blues

Fred Douglas - I'm Getting Better Every Day

These SendSpace files are available for seven days or until exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Fred Douglas was my great grandfather - real name Arthur Edwin Clifton. You're right about his other names, possibly up to 60 stage names.

michael said...

Hello Mrs Barsby - nice of you to drop by! How amazing the internet is at connecting people. Anymore information about Fred would be most illuminating.