Friday, December 09, 2005

Prag VEC

Not Much info on this post punk band so here's an edited interview from the NME in 1978.

"A NEW extended play record to enthuse about. A new band to sell to you. Their name' is prag VEC; the four tracks they've recorded are "Existential", "Bits", "Wolf" and "Cigarettes". A record self-financed with help from a close friend in the Honest John's empire.

The members of prag VEC are: Sue Gogan (vocals), John Studholme (guitar), David Boyd (bass), Nick Cash (not the 999 Nick Cash) (drums).

Firstly, why the 'curious' name? prag VEC?

Sue: "It's just just two words shortened. I read it somewhere and just liked the Sound of it."

Nick: "There's no instant connotations. . . people can come in with an open mind."

"A&R at Virgin didn't like us, said we were 'too progressive'... they'd just signed
Penetration, and said, 'Sorry - you're too like Pauline'."

The management agencies of Albion, Asgard, Cowbell, DJM, and A&M were approached, but all agreed: "You're not commercial enough. Come back in a year (when you are)."

"We don't have a manager. A friend is helping us organise, trying to get gigs around the country, but that's very tentative because he doesn't have any money either..."

And finally prag VEC's origins...

Sue and John started in the debatedly Trotskyite R&B band The Derelicts... "Which folded in 1976. Coming out of that gave us the impetus to form another band. In The Derelicts we weren't doing our own material, so we ended up trying to write songs together and spent about a year doing that. We went to see a lot of bands in that time, and kept very much in touch with the punk thing all the way through it.

"We've been together since February... me and John started the band, met Nick last May and finally persuaded him to join in February."

The problem is... "Our rehearsal space was a squat in North Kensington, but we've been evicted from there and rehoused for a flat 15 floors... so we can play in the lift."

Prag VEC - Wolf

Prag VEC - Cigarettes

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spice-the-cat said...

Ah! The joys of punk, when everyone could have their 1 minute and 47 seconds of glory.

michael said...

Indeed- If anything the punk ethic should be a lot easier now to get into with home studios on computers and the internet and MP3 's etc. One can easily bypass the big conglomorate record companies and make music and make it sound how you'd like without any of those constraints. Archie, my 13 year old son, is strumming on his guitar in the front room as i type this.

Cocaine Jesus said...

i turn my back for five minutes and when i turn back a million new posts appear here.
listen, i am meant to be an 'expert' in modern music and yet i have never, ever heard of this band before.
i am working with a bloke at the moment who was in a punk band that were on the verge of the big time but now are on the verge of late middle age.
funny old world innit?

michael said...

'Tis indeed, and getting funnier by the minute!