Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Doctor Swan

Another oddity. A childrens "Edutainment" record Made by Peter Pan in the 70's I would guess. Other records in the series are The Alphabet, Numbers, Manners, Words, Animal Sounds etc. This one is all about "Safety" and here's what it says on the back of the sleeve-

"By using a marvelous combination of information, comedy and songs, the marvelous Dr. Swan leads children into the world of education in a way that is often unique and always entertaining. "Learn About" deals with the everyday life experiences that the pre-school child can relate to. This series, through the use of stories and memorable songs, subtly teaches perceptual , auditory and motoric skills."

Doctor Swan - Safety

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Ben T. said...

and of course that record jacket features more of the work of the great George Peed (former Disney animator, worked on Fantasia, later designed all the characters for the B&W TV cartoon "The Mighty Hercules")! I wonder how many illos he did over the years for Peter Pan?

michael said...

Thanks Ben for that snippet of information. I didnt know anything about George Peed except it sounds like a character on one of the Carry On films!

Steve said...

I remember listening to his Manners 45 when I was a kid! I loved that record. Any idea if i can get an mp3 of it or 45 of it? Thanks!