Friday, December 23, 2005

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas (1914 - 1953)

"I've had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that's the record . . ."

"Welsh lyrical poet best remembered for the radio 'play for voices' Under Milk Wood.

Thomas was born in Swansea, Wales, and embarked on a career as a journalist before establishing himself as a poet with the publication of Eighteen Poems in 1934. He married Caitlin Macnamara (1913-94) in 1936, and that same year published a further volume, Twenty-five poems.

Thomas' other work includes an unfinished novel Adevntures in the Skin Trade, (1955), and several collections of short stories, many written originally for radio. But he wrote his three most famous lines in a 1952 poem about his father's brush with death;

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light"

Thomas' best work, especially Under Milk Wood, is almost spell-binding, but he himself was for many years haunted by the spectre of his own poetic deterioration, and he died of an alcohol-induced brain haemorrhage during an American reading tour."

Find out more about Dylan Thomas HERE.

Dylan Thomas - A Child's Christmas In Wales Pt1.

Dylan Thomas - A Child's Christmas In Wales P2.

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spice-the-cat said...

Fantastic and very apt for the season. I took a pilgimage to the White Horse Tavern in New York some years ago and had a Whiskey in his honour.

One of my favourite poets and the subject of a very nice 11 CD set which re-releases all of his recorded work.

Big Al said...

I went to Laugharne again this year, Neil Morrissey bought his local, it is mostly the same except for a huge TV and a one armed bandit.

Just so you know Michael, rapid share have slowed down, they are teling me I have to wait 16 mins for these!

michael said...

Thanks for telling me about rapid share problems Al. Ive been having problems with them too so may change to another file deposit doo dah soon.

Cocaine Jesus said...

The only poet that I truly knew of prior to my blogging days was this man. Genius? Flawed and very talented certainly.