Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There Was This Bloke

Found this today in the local Oxfam shop. It's on the Rubber record label from 1974.
4 folk singers with a humourous slant- some funnier than others. I particularly like the cockney capers of Derek Brimstone that I'd not heard of before.

Derek Brimstone.

"In the early 60’s Brimstone was studying classical guitar, and by chance wandered into the Spinning Wheel folk club in his hometown of Hemel Hempstead. Long stories can be boring, but it can be said that the whole direction of his life changed on that night. Bach and Tarrega gave way to Broonzy and Davy Graham, and the next few years were spent learning the ropes in the company of such people as Maddy Prior, Donovan, Sandy Denny, Derrol Adams – to name but a few. After winning the prestigious solo artist’s prize in the national competitions held at the first Cambridge Folk Festival in 1965, he embarked on a long and successful career, which has continued up to the present day."

Bill Barclay.

"In the 1970s Bill Barclay toured with the big boys of rock. In 1974 he supported Rod Stewart on his British tour. That was followed by a one-night stand in Edinburgh's 3 000-seat Playhouse Theatre supporting Elton John and a Glasgow Apollo gig with Bill Haley. Then then there were three nights in London's Theatre Royal with Dusty Springfield. He has taken the stage in front of audiences exceeding 50,000 in three major rock festivals, at Reading, White City and Lincoln.

Of course, in addition to the jet-setting, Bill Barclay is very well-known back home here in Scotland where he has appeared in countless golf-clubs, smokers, rugby clubs, bowling clubs, folk clubs, concerts, and festivals, and at special dinner functions for every conceivable organisation."

Derek Brimstone - Sir Quincy De Bas etc.

Tony Capstick - John Blunt etc.

Bill Barclay - Polly Was A Poodle etc.

Mike Harding - Irwell Delta Blues

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