Friday, January 04, 2008

Barry Andrews

I think I found this Virgin single at Brick Lane back in the 80's. I can't find that much about Barry, only that he was in the punky pop band XTC for a while and left to join Robert Fripp in the League of Gentlemen and eventually Shriekback who may or may not still be around? In between he made this fine single that sadly wasn't a hit and a solo album I forget the name of. Maybe looking HERE will help fill in these gaps in my woeful blurb.

Barry Andrews - Win A Night Out With A Well-Known Paranoiac

Barry Andrews - Rossmore Road

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rover dogbert said...

Thank you so much - this still sounds as good as I when I last heard it on the John Peel show in the 80's. A true musical gem

wastedpapiers said...

You're welcome rover d.

FeedbackReport said...

Any chance of a repost? Pleeeeease???