Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh! What A Carry On

A record on the MFP label from the late 70's featuring songs not in the films but by some of the artists who took part in them over the years.

1. Be My Girl - Jim Dale
2. You Need Feet - Bernard Bresslaw
3. On Mother Kelly's Doorstep - Barbara Windsor
4. It's Alright With Me - Frankie Howard

"Possibly more than any other, the Carry On series of films typify the very essence of British comedy. They are, without doubt, the most enduring and endearing offspring of British cinema. From their debut in 1958 through to the present day, the mention of the words "Carry On" bring to mind images of saucy humour, larger than life characters and riotous slapstick. There are very few people in their home country, if not elsewhere, who haven't seen at least one of the 31 Carry On films, let alone the subsequent stage shows and television series.

The humour of the Carry Ons, while far from unique, is presented with such flair that when one thinks of the typical British comedy, the words "Carry On" immediately spring to mind. While remaining at all times highly suggestive, it never veered towards the obscene. The jokes and situations, while full of sexual innuendo and deliberately raised eyebrows, retain an innocence not found anywhere else. Great emphasis was placed on the double entendre and the dirty laugh, but overt sexuality and coarse language were always shunned."

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