Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Charlie Gillett - Malcom McLaren (re-up)

Another old Capital Rado show from the 80's. Malcolm Maclaren makes an entertaining guest and plays a variety of music from The Pink Floyd to Marie Lloyd.
Again, apologise for the ropey sound quality of these ancient cassette tapes that have deteriorated over the years.

Wikipedia says -

"McLaren was born to Pete McLaren, a Scottish engineer, and Emmy Isaacs in post-World War II North London. His father left when he was two and he was raised by his maternal grandmother, Rose Corre Isaacs, the formerly wealthy daughter of Portuguese Sephardic Jewish diamond dealers, in Stoke Newington. McLaren told Andrew Denton on Enough Rope, that his grandmother always said to him, "To be bad is good... to be good is simply boring". In The Ghosts of Oxford Street he says Charles Clore (who bought Selfridges) became his mother's lover. When he was six, McLaren's mother married Martin Levi, a man working in London's rag trade. When McLaren was in his forties, a Sunday newspaper found Pete McLaren in an English "greasy spoon garage".

McLaren's stepfather and mother owned a rag factory in London's East End called Eve Edwards London Limited. They lived well but Malcolm and his stepfather never got along. He left home in his teens. Following a series of jobs (including one as a wine taster), he went on to attend several art colleges through the 1960s, being expelled from several before leaving education entirely in 1971. It was during this time that he began to design clothing, a talent he would later use when he became a boutique owner.

He had been attracted to the Situationist movement, particularly King Mob, which promoted absurdist and provocative actions as a way of enacting social change. In 1968 McLaren had tried unsuccessfully to travel to Paris to take part in the demonstrations there. Instead, with Jamie Reid, he took part in a student occupation of Croydon Art School. McLaren would later adopt the movement's ideas into his promotion for the various pop and rock groups with whom he was soon to involve himself."

Charlie Gillett  -  Malcolm McLarten  Pt. 1

Charlie Gillett  -  Malcolm McLaren  Pt. 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for re-upping this! Unfortunately, although I've registered with box I get a message saying "The item you are trying to access has either been deleted or is unavailable to you" for both files. Am I missing something really obvious?!

Wastedpapiers said...

Ive no idea? It works well enough for me. I wonder if anybody else is having problems with Box?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these -- but I'm afraid I can't make Box work either. Exactly the same sequence and symptoms as Anonymous, whose name on this occasion I will be sharing.