Friday, June 14, 2013

Charlie Gillett - Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin from The Blasters

This tape sounds a little better despite it's age . Mid 80's I would guess. City Beats 32 is all it says on the cassette.  I was never very good at documenting anything which I much regret now ofcourse.  Dave and Phil chat about their latest record and play some stuff they like.

Wikipedia says  -  "The Blasters are a rock and roll band formed in 1979 in Downey, California, by brothers Phil Alvin (vocals and guitar) and Dave Alvin (guitar), withbass guitarist John Bazz and drummer Bill Bateman. Phil Alvin explained the origin of the band's name: "I thought Joe Turner’s backup band on Atlantic records – I had these 78s – I thought they were the Blues Blasters. That ends up it was Jimmy McCracklin. I just took the 'Blues' off and Joe finally told me, that’s Jimmy McCracklin’s name, but you tell ‘im I gave you permission to steal it."
Their self-described "American Music" was a blend of bluesrockabilly, early rock and rollpunk rockmountain music, and rhythm and blues. They have a devoted fan base and have received largely positive critical reviews, but have earned only limited mainstream success. Critic Mark Deming wrote of them, "the Blasters displayed a wide-ranging musical diversity [and] were a supremely tight and tasteful band with enough fire, smarts, and passion for two or three groups."

Charlie Gillett  -  The Blasters  Pt. 1

Charlie Gillett  -  The Blasters  Pt.2


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