Sunday, June 02, 2013

Bud Ashton/ Joan Baxter

Another Embassy record from 1963 on the cheapo Woolies label -

Wikipedia says - " Embassy Records was originally a UK budget record label that produced cover versions of current hit songs that were sold exclusively inWoolworths shops at a lower price than the original recordings.As such, Embassy can be seen as the UK equivalent of U.S. labels such as Hit and Bell Records. The label was the result of a contractual arrangement between Oriole Records and Woolworths, with Embassy's product being sold exclusively through the latter's stores from 1954 to 1965. The label disappeared after the parent company, Oriole, was taken over by CBS Records. Later, from 1970 through to 1980, CBS Records revived the Embassy imprint to release budget versions of albums in the UK and Europe by artists that were signed to its parent company, Columbia Records."

Sadly no info on either Bud Ashton or Joan Baxter on the net.  Probably just pseudonyms  I imagine.  If anybody knows different then please let us know.

Bud Ashton & His Group  -  Maria Elena

Joan Baxter  -  Secret Love

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