Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sound 8

Found today in a charity shop for a couple of quid. Mainly attracted to the sleeve - anything with people putting records on old record players gets my attention immediately! The "background music " and "sound effects" are pretty dull and only to be expected I suppose. I will quote from the lengthy liner notes on the reverse -

"Kodak Sound 8 Background Music brings a varied selection of background moods and sound effects to owners of the Sound 8 Projector. These beautifully recorded musical selections are adaptable to just about every situation you are likely to capture on film.
Now, easily and pleasantly, you can add this brightening music to your treasured films- good times with the family, vacations, sports events - together with your own narration, if you wish."

So here is a selection which includes "Music For Children's Activities" and "Music For All Kinds Of Fun" together with snippets from "Laugh (Large Crowd), Applause (Large Crowd), Crowd (Large) and "Children Playing (Outdoors)."

Sound 8 - Background Music

Sound 8 - Sound Effects

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Timmy said...

I absolutely love this picture. "tis picture perfect"