Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Burl Ives

Burl ivesAn LP from the same boot sale as Attila The Stockbroker - the other end of the musical spectrum! This 60's album on the World Record Club label is just one man and his guitar singing some old traditional folk songs.

Wikipedia says-

"Ives was born in 1909 near Hunt City, an unincorporated town in Jasper County, Illinois, the son of Levi "Frank" Ives (1880–1947) and Cordelia "Dellie" White (1882–1954). He had six siblings: Audry, Artie, Clarence, Argola, Lillburn, and Norma. His father was at first a farmer and then a contractor for the county and others. One day Ives was singing in the garden with his mother, and his uncle overheard them. He invited his nephew to sing at the old soldiers' reunion in Hunt City. The boy performed a rendition of the folk ballad "Barbara Allen" and impressed both his uncle and the audience.

From 1927-29, Ives attended Eastern Illinois State Teachers College (now Eastern Illinois University) in Charleston, Illinois, where he played football. During his junior year, he was sitting in English class, listening to a lecture on Beowulf, when he suddenly realized he was wasting his time. As he walked out the door, the professor made a snide remark, and Ives slammed the door behind him.Sixty years later, the school named a building after its most famous dropout.Ives was also involved in Freemasonry from 1927 onward.

On 23 July 1929 in Richmond, Indiana, Ives did a trial recording of "Behind the Clouds" for the Starr Piano Company's Gennett label, but the recording was rejected and destroyed a few weeks later."

Burl Ives - Ladies Man

Burl Ives - Henry Martin

Burl Ives - How Could You Use A Poor Maiden So

Burl Ives - Pueblo Girl

Burl Ives - Lily Munro

Burl Ives - Hypochondriac Song

Burl Ives - Pirate Song

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