Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roger Dee - (requested re-up)

Slim pickings at the bootsale today although I did find this oddity which is on the Toby label from early 70's I imagine judging by some of the impersonations Mr. Dee is attempting pictured on the back of the sleeve - like Tiny Tim, Rolf Harris and Frankie Vaughn. This sounds like a live show in front of an enthusiastic audience at Pontins Holiday camp as they get a name check on the back in the sleeve notes which state-

"Roger was born in Pontins - the son of a lady and gentleman - obviously a marriage of convenience. He merrily tap danced his way up the Ladder of Fame, to become the famous tap dancing window cleaner that he is today!!"

Thanks to many informative comments when I last posted this in 2006 there is more information about Roger which you can find if you type in Roger Dee into the search window above.

Roger Dee - Side One

Roger Dee - Side Two

These SendSpace files are available for seven days or untile exhausted.

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