Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ronnie Barker

An LP on the K-Tel record label from 1978. A compilation of Ronnie's songs, sketches and monologues mainly culled from his TV shows.

Wikipedia says-

"Barker was born in Bedford in Bedfordshire. He had two sisters; Vera (his older sister) and Eileen (his younger sister). The family moved to Oxford when his father, a clerk for Shell Oil, was relocated, when Barker was two years old. He took to writing plays for his family and neighbours, and often sat in the audience of The Oxford Playhouse, his local repertory company, dreaming of fame. Barker attended the City of Oxford High School for Boys, in Oxford, and at sixteen he left and took a job as a bank clerk - but the theatre called. He wrote to the Aylesbury Repertory Company in 1948 and his show business career began. Barker then went on to join the Playhouse Theatre, Oxford, at the time under the actor-management of Frank Shelley, as an actor and stagehand, at £2 10s per week. The two appeared together there, in Ben Travers's A Cuckoo in the Nest and, subsequently, in a number of other venues and roles. In 1993, Barker dedicated his autobiography to Shelley, whom he called one of the "three wise men who directed my career; without men like these, there would be no theatre."

Discover more about Ronnie Barker HERE.

Ronnie Barker - They Tell Me There's A Lot Of It About

Ronnie Barker - Not Round Here

Ronnie Barker - Pismonunciation

Ronnie Barker - The Welsh Medley

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Mick said...

The pismonunciation sketch is Ronnie Barker at his finest and is rightly considered a classic. It's also a wonderful companiom piece to the brilliant Stanley Unwin tracks you posted a while ago.

sexy said...





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