Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Wonkey Finger Field Trip

"At The Meeting OF The Earth And The Air" is the rather ponderous title of a stunning new CD by the poet Roger Stevens and some friends who have breathed new life into some old songs Roger and his art school chum Ralph Emmett wrote when they were students in the 60's.

Roger says on the sleeve-

" I met Ralph Emmett on the first day of art college in 1968. He found me a room in a house he was staying. We'd both brought our guitars, both wrote songs and both loved the Beatles. So it was inevitable that we'd both spend the next three years writing songs together. We played them over and over again into a tape recorder. When we left college we lost touch, but I've been carrying that box of tapes around ever since.

Now that I have the technology to convert music from analogue to digital, I copied around thirty of the songs to CD. The next logical step was to take a bunch of songs and re-record them, in a way that we dreamed of recording them nearly forty years ago.

I think the songs stand up pretty well. They're teenagers songs, ofcourse, heavily influenced by the Beatles, The Incredible String Band and countless other sixties bands."

Roger is joined on the CD by Rob Barrett & Karen Moses - Lead Vocals. Toni Berry - Flute. Michael Whitehead - Tabla and Tibetan Bell.

You can purchase the CD and other audio and poetic works at The Rabbit Press.

The Wonkey Finger Field Trip - Sunlight & Flowers

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Big Al said...

Lovely song, great idea, maybe I'll dig out my oldies and re-do them now I can play them, this is a great idea and I'll have to buy the album.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by Big Al.