Saturday, December 29, 2007

George Symonette

I've had this LP on the Bahama Records label for some years now and just realised I hadn't featured it here which is an oversight. It was released in 1959 and the sleeve notes say-

"George Symonette, who is currently appearing at Blackbeard's Tavern in Nassau, has long been recognised as the Dean of Bahamian Entertainers. His infectious smile, his amiable delivery, his innaye sense of humour combine to make him the most popular of Bahamian musicians.
George accompanies himself on piano and is a most affective solo entertainer. Frequently he is accompanied by the Goombay* drumming of "Peanuts" Taylor....
It is fitting that George Symonette should be the first Bahamian artist to appear in the new medium of stereo, which so ably presents the natural simplicity and inherent charm of his performance.
Four of the selectionsin this album - Stranded, Coconut Fall On De Head De Eye Too BIg For De Belly and Calypso Island were written by Alice Simms of New York."

* When Calypso came to Nassau it gradually underwent an inevitable change. A true Bahamian beat, different in flavour, was introduced, and it was called the Goombay rhythm. Providing the basic beat are the long, deep toned goat skin covered drums, known as Goombat Drums.

Discover more about the music of the Bahamas HERE.

George Symonette - Calypso Island

George Symonette - Ugly Woman

George Symonette - De Eye Too Big For De Belly

George Symonette - Rum And Coca Cola

George Symonette - Stone Cold Dead In De Market

George Symonette - Stranded

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bartholomeo said...

Nice blog:-)

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It´s a pain!!
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Thaaaaaaanks in advance.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for your concern eugenio- I will try and re-post at some point.

happy sister said...

I am Hppy that you posted this info on George Symonette. Iwas doing some family history research and wanted infor on him. things i did not remember. I remember seing the featured cover when i was a child. he is the father of my brother. I need MORE INFO ON HIM?