Monday, December 11, 2006

George Van Dusen ( By Request )

Tracks above are-

1. Murphy's Wedding Day
2. Izzy Izzy Izzy
3. Holiday Time Is Jollity Time
4. The Yodelling Sailor

Little is known of George Van Dusen and despite extensive searches on the internet have failed to find anyone who knows anything about him except that he was a renowned yodeller held in high regard and a contemporary of Harry Torrani and Ronnie Ronalde in the 30's and 40's. His "Yodelling Chinaman" track is probably his most well known and popped up on several compilations of novelty songs over the years. These tracks are from 1937 and kindly supplied by Jim Benson who will doubtless phone me up to tell me I've got it all wrong and that infact George was a dutchman who died in 1929! I love this photo of him from the only one I could find.

Since this was last blogged I had some interesting comments to say that George was born Thomas Harrington , probably in the East End of London in the early 1900's and recorded for the Rex record label. He was still perfoming well into his 80's though confined to a wheel chair. He apparently had a minor hit in the 60's but I can find no record to confirm this.

George Van Dusen - A Wee Drop Of Scotch

George Van Dusen - Poloski's Russian Party

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Coffee Messiah said...

You asked previously, here's a Christmas Link:

michael said...

Sadly this would'nt open for some reason "formatting error" ( whatever they are?). Thanks all the same CM.

Coffee Messiah said...

I DL just now, no problem.
Otherwise, sorry ; (

michael said...

Its probably a Mac thing - it often happens with zip files. It can be very frustrating!

boppinbob said...

George is a great favourite on Angel radio. Sadly we only have very little of his recordings. Can I (with cap in hand) ask for the mp3's. So I can play them on my Gem's From the vaults radio Show.
(Thursday's at 1600hrs).
Respectfully Yours
Bob Sevier