Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dear Eskiimo

Flash animation for "Gotto Wee", a quirky song by Manchester band Dear Eskiimo that Archie, my 14 year old son made last year. It was a three week Easter Challenge for the Cornerhouse in Manchester and was shown at the Cornerhouse on a Music Video Night in 2005. It has since been seen on BBC 2 and yesterday we went to see a screening as part of the Under Exposed young persons ( under 18 ) film festival at the Cornerhouse.

"So it is refreshing, not to mention rare, when a pop band arrive on the scene who actually know each other's names before they step into the recording studio together.
It's even more heartening when their music is as original as Manchester based trio, Dear Eskiimo, whose Be Patient EP is primed to help burst the shiny, manufactured bubbles of Cowell's cash cows in record time. Perhaps what makes them stand out is their contrasting musical backgrounds: Katie White gains her inspiration from iconic female vocalists like Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and Debbie Harry ("Someone with a bit more to say than just standing there and shouting"), fellow vocalist and main songwriter, Jules De Martino, has his roots in indie while sampler-wielding deck-hand Simon Templeman has a heart with a hip hop beat."

Dear Eskiimo's My Space web page is HERE


Syl said...

Great to hear about the people behind "Dear Eskiimo"...Gotta Wee is refreshing & fun to hear...makes me smile every time.

michael said...

Thanks Syl. Hopefully Archie won't be put off for too long for taking part in these music projects. Having to work through his Easter Holiday was a bit of a strain for him and he's not keen to give up his valuable free time. I don't blame him really but it will be sad if this happens.

Syl said...

Aye, Michael...that would be very sad! Free time IS valuable, and necessary, I think...plus I know all the fun things you guys do to make it quality time. Just some balance needed perhaps so that it doesn't become a drag to him. That's the thing about success...the personal demand it makes.
All the best to you and Hazel and Archie.