Saturday, December 16, 2006

Beatle Beat

I've been aching to upload this daft children's record for a while now - since I found it in my local Oxfam charity shopfor 25p! I've just discovered there is a speed changer setting on Audacity which allows you to play 78's at the right speed. I only have 33 & 45rpm on my cheap record deck. So now I can upload some of my prized shellac recordings if I buy a suitable stylus. This one ofcourse is yellow plastic!
The whole idea that these tracks are "Blue Beat" "Ska" or "Slop" is very amusing and quite ridiculous!
Apparently there was a whole Lp of this stuff released in 1964 at the height of Beatlemania called "Nursery Rhymes Sung With A Beatle Beat".

Beatle Beat - Three Blind Moose

Beatle Beat - Georgie Porgie

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Anonymous said...

If you want the entire "Dance and Sing Mother Goose with a Beatle Beat" you can find it here at Scar Stuff:

Just thought I'd pass that along!

michael said...

Thanks Tony. Much appreciated!

michael said...

That link doesnt seem to work anymore.