Friday, August 26, 2005

Roy Hudd

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"A famous face in showbiz for thirty five years, Roy Hudd is natural comedy entertainer, a talented actor, playwright, sketch-writer, and performer.

He broke into TV appearing on Not So Much A Programme, More A Way of Life, but found wider fame with 1969’s The Roy Hudd Show.

Since 1975 The News Huddlines has had an amazing run on Radio 2, and is something of an institution. Although it's currently off-air, it will be back next year.

Roy's work as a dramatic actor in television has also won him praise. Dennis Potter's Lipstick on your Collar proved a huge success. This led to his most endearing dramatic role, again written for him by Potter, that of Spoonerism-afflicted Ben Baglin in Karaoke. "
So says the BBC website of profiles of the stars.

Roy was also in Coronation Street ofcourse and this postcard shows him in character as Archie Shuttleworth. Hazel is an avid fan of "Corrie" so can tell you more about it than me!

Roy has written many books about the music hall and variety days and also has issued recorded versions of old songs from that era. "Those Music Hall Days" was one such Lp and the first song comes from there. It came out in the mid 70's I believe. The other song is even earlier from an LP called "Hudd Dunnit!" on the World Record label c.1965. His Singing Postman skit is uncannily like the real thing!

Roy Hudd - The Spaniard That Blighted My Life

Roy Hudd - Peeping Tom

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