Sunday, August 28, 2005

Josephine Baker

"Josephine Baker grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but left home at an early age and began performing on stage. She appeared in the chorus lines of all-black revues on vaudeville, and travelled to Paris in 1925 as part of La Revue Negre. Her lithe body and clowning around on stage caused a sensation, and by the 1930s she was so successful she had her own nightclub. Baker was famous for her exotic outfits and uninhibited sexuality, her trademarks being a leopard on a leash, a skirt made of feathers and a dance in which she wore bananas on her head and not much else. In 1937 she became a citizen of France, and during World War II she worked with the Resistance against the Nazis. After the war she fought for civil rights in the United States, returned to France and retired in 1956 to look after her 12 adopted children. In the late '60s Baker was rescued from destitution by Princess Grace, who helped Baker put on another stage show, Josephine. She died in 1975 and was given a state funeral in Paris."

My bargain of the day, yesterday, a CD of Josephine Baker's for 75p from the Booksale shop in town.

Josephine Baker - La Petite Tonquinoise

Josephine Baker - La Conga Blicoti

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Syl said...

La Petite Tonkinoise was charming. Interesting that she went from a state of destitution to being given a State funeral. Didn't realise Princess Grace had helped her either. Thanks for the background.

michael said...

I didnt know anything about her either so it's educational for me too! I'm just lifting huge chunks of info from other folks websites for the most part so it's them you have to thank really.
The "word verification~" is to try and cut out the spam I've been getting just lately. Its a bit of a pain to type it in but worth it for spam free comments!

milek said...

Hi, It would be superb if you could re-post these 2 albums. Thanks a million!

PS. I enjoy your blog tremendously.

Anna. said...

Would you by any chance have the lirics to la conga blicoti? I don't seem to be able to find them anywhere..........

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks milek and anna. I will try and re-post but might take a while to find. Sorry i dont have the lyrics.