Saturday, August 27, 2005

Asha Bhosle

Having lived in the east end of London for some years I was always dazzled by the exotic looking Bollywood record sleeves I used to see down Brick Lane- in the Indian and Pakistani shops and the flea market. After a while I began buying them just to see what lie beneath the gaudy sleeve art and was delighted with some of the finds. The film soundtrack "Dhongee" was one such find and the name Asha Bhosle soon became very firmiliar to me as she seemed to be on most Indian film soundtracks I came across! She has the most amazing voice as you can hear on this first track from "Dhongee" which was released in 1975. The music direction was by Rahul Dev Burman.
The second track is from another Bollywood film I found more recently at Crewe flea market called "Purab Aur Pachhim" and released in 1971. Asha Bhosle again with Mehendra Kapoor and Chorus singing a wonderful selection of nursery rhymes.

Asha Bhosle - Dil ChhinaChain Churaya

Asha Bhosle - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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purab aur pachhim
Poster for the film "Purab Aur Pachhim" (East and West).


Alan Bowman said...

Aha! so that's who cornershop were singing about in 'Brimful of Asha'

"There's dancing, behind movie scenes. Behind the movie scenes Asha Bosle.."

NOW it all make sense (well the bit about the song anyway)

michael said...

That's right. Asha and Latta Mangeshkar absolutely cornered (no pun intended) the market in voice-overs in Bollywood for about three decades!
Brimful of Asha was a great tribute song and livened up by Fatby Slim.