Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cedric Bravo with Rico and the Four Stars

Here's an old Jamaican single on the Ska Beat label from 1965 to wish you a "Merry Christmas". I could not find anything about Cedric Bravo but I'm pretty sure Rico is Rico Rodriquez who has been a session musician for many years and has put out some fine records of his own. Now he plays with the Jools Holland Big Band. The B side also uploaded here is the same tune but with different lyrics.

"One of the most prolific session players of Jamaica's pre-ska era, trombonist Rico Rodriguez recorded both as a solo artist and as an honorary member of The Specials. Born October 17, 1934, his musical pursuits began while attending Kingston's Alpha Boys School, an institution for wayward boys, where he studied trombone under the legendary Don Drummond. In the years to follow, Rico emerged as one of Jamaica's most highly regarded session musicians, often working under the direction of the renowned producer Duke Reid.

In 1961, in the months prior to the explosion of the ska phenomenon, he relocated to the UK, where he recorded a number of sides for the fledgling Island label and gigged extensively on the jazz and R&B circuits, playing with Georgie Fame's Blue Flames and others. He also remained a top-notch session man, appearing on Sugar & Dandy's 1967 classic "A Message to You Rudy," among others. "

Discover more about Rico Rodriquez HERE.

Cedric Bravo - Merry Christmas

Cedric Bravo - Sugar Baby

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Syl said...

Nice & easy listenin' while I wrap up the last goodies.
Thanks for sharing and have a
jingley good day, Michael!

michael said...

More of a jangley day today Syl. The 22nd always gets me! I will blog soon and tell you our doings. Glad you liked the ska!

Ben The Balladeer said...

I dare not ask
I already have "Sugar Baby"

Anonymous said...

Can you please re up this one man