Monday, March 17, 2014

Honky Tonk Guide To Record Collectors Jan. 1978

Have been digging through some old mildewed boxes in the attic and found this stapled list from around 1978/9 sent to me by Charlie Gillett when he did his wonderful old Honky Tonk show on BBC Radio London on Sunday afternoons for a few years. As you know I've featured a few old shows here in the past. Sadly time constraints forbid me to add any audio with this but thought it might interest a few of you who follow this blog. Its 13 pages long so cant upload all of it, but it is mainly lists of record shops, sadly mostly all defunct I suppose. In the late 70's their were still quite a few left. Also included are the poll results for Honky Tonk heroes- Best Male singer, best Vocal group etc. If I get time I will scan some more pages if anyone is interested.


mel said...

Record shops, as we knew them, have alas all but disappeared now.

But this type of literature, and old record catalogues, help bring back the fond memories of them - especially the specialist shops.


Anonymous said...

Can't find an email address for you on site but would be very interested in a scanned (PDF??) copy of this guide


Wastedpapiers said...

Scanner is not set up for PDF files so took some photos. Hope it will suffice. Thanka for your interest.

mel said...

Thanks very much for the added pages.

cozy t said...

I enjoyed looking through the record shops in the London area , some of which I frequented some time ago, and that no longer exist

wondered if there were any more
of Charlie Gillet's 'undercurrents' show's from 1981

Wastedpapiers said...

Yes, sad about the vanishing record shops despite the popular assumption that vinyl is making a come back! Only on the web I suppose.

Sadly I think I have dredged all the old Undercurrents progs that i have. I keep expecting to unearth more in the dusty attic and shed but so far they haven't materialised!

Garth said...

Hi Michael,

excellent blog and sorry to see you have decided to let it rest. I was a friend of Charlie's in the last decade of his life so fascinated to see your post of his honky tonk guide to record shops and such. I'm currently working on a book documenting the rise and fall of British record shops and wondered if there was any way possible to get hi-res scans of the pages Charlie wrote on record shops? I'm going to mention him in the book and it would be great to have an image of his shop list to go alongside the profile. Best Garth

Wastedpapiers said...

Hi Garth, Sorry I seem to have mislaid the list but if I stumble upon it in my search for other stuff or general tidying ( this doesn't happen very often!) I will be sure to send you a better scan. Good luck with the book!