Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Charlie Gillett Postcard

Following on from the Honky Tonk Record Collectors List the other day - here's a postcard made from a photo Charlie took in Africa one supposes on one of his many trips. Not sure about the interesting list he attaches here - birthday presents maybe? We used to live in Lambeth Walk in South London and Charlie gave me a lift home after the spot |I did on his show and said about the pub next door to us "Blimey, I used to put bands on there - it must have drove you mad!" Anyway hopefully can track them down on You Tube and add them. Ry Cooder Ali Farka Toure - Talking Timbuktu Otis Redding - Try A Little Tendeness Cheb Khaleb Deep Forrest - Sweet Harmony Well rather stuck on the Excello Ace comp but I expect it's out there somewhere. Cheb Khaleb track isnt on there either but closest I could get. I'm sure Charlie would approve.

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