Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mystery White Label

A bit of a mystery record here for those of you with a detectives  brain.  CBW could be the artist or the initials of the person who owned the record - who knows?   Nice ska tune one side that sounds like "What a  Bom Bom" . Lots of similar titled ska songs out there with Bom Bom or Bam Bam in the mix.  The other side is more of a R&B tune, but the title escapes me. Maybe some of you will have better luck pinning it down.   Any ideas most appreciated.

Unknown Artist   -  What A Bom Bom

Unknown Artist  -  Hey hey hey?


Liquidator said...

Hi there

I think I said in the past how much I love the old jamaican sonds you post on here. Anyway,these tracks are by the clarendonians Track 1 is called rudie bam bam, and the other is be bop boy.


Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Liquidator - much appreciated!