Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guy Lombardo

Taking a break from the ska singles now for this slice of MOR from the late 50's I would guess.  Reminds me of the Billy Cotton Band, Black & White Minstrels kinda thing from on the radio of my youth.  I was rather taken by the jolly sleeve of Guy pretending to be at a New Years party!  It's the sort of thing I usually shy away from but somebody out there might enjoy this.

"(born June 19, 1902, London, Ont., Can.died Nov. 5, 1977, Houston, Texas, U.S.) Canadian-born U.S. bandleader. He trained as a violinist and in 1917 formed his band, the Royal Canadians. They began broadcasting nationally from Chicago in 1927, and from 1929 he was the winter attraction at New York City's Roosevelt Grill, a booking repeated for more than 30 years. He later moved to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, continuing the famous New Year's Eve broadcasts, begun in 1954, that climaxed with Auld Lang Syne. Though derided by critics as the king of corn, Lombardo gained long-lasting popularity by conducting what was billed as the sweetest music this side of heaven."

Tracks are as follows -    1.  Happy days Are here Again  2. When You're Smiling  3. Medley: I'lll Get By/ It's Been A Long Long Time/ That Old Gang Of Mine  4. Bill bailey Wont You Come Home  5. I Want A Girl  6. Medley: Lift Your Glass/ Sing Until The Cows Come Home/ Hail Hail The Gangs All Here/ Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight   7. Show Me The Way To Go Home.

Guy Lombardo  -  Side Two

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