Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Nice find at charity shop today on the BOAC label from 1968.  Obviously a freebie for tourists to the Caribbean to remind them of their holidays. I particularly like the sultry calypso sounds of  Papette & The Islanders Steel Band.

Wikipedia says -

Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago during the early to mid 20th century, and lays it roots in the West African Kaiso and the migration of Martinican planters and their slaves.
The music, which drew upon African and French influences, became the voice of the people, and was characterized by highly rhythmic and harmonic vocals, which was most often sung in a French creole and led by a griot. As calypso developed, the role of the griot (originally a similar traveling musician in West Africa) became known as a chantuelle and eventually, calypsonian. As English replaced patois (creole French) as the dominant language, calypso migrated into English, and in so doing it attracted more attention from the government. It allowed the masses to challenge the doings of the unelected Governor and Legislative Council, and the elected town councils of Port of Spain andSan Fernando. Calypso continued to play an important role in political expression, and also served to document the history of Trinidad and Tobago.
The French brought Carnival to Trinidad, and calypso competitions at Carnival grew in popularity, especially after the abolition of slavery in 1834. While most authorities stress the African roots of calypso, in his 1986 book, Calypso from France to Trinidad: 800 Years of History, that veteran calypsonian, The Roaring Lion (Rafael de Leon) asserted that calypso descends from the music of the medieval Frenchtroubadours.

Tracks are as follows  -   1.  Island In The Sun  - Ken Kirkham & The Islanders  2. Banana Boat  -  Papette & The Islanders Steelband  3.  Island Woman  -  Ken Kirkham & The Islanders  4. Dear Melanie - Cy Grant  5. Ammo Boccaio  -  Papette & The Islanders Steelband  6.  Sly Mongoose  -  Ken Kirkham& The Islanders

Magicarib  -  Side One

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