Sunday, August 19, 2012

A British Sampler

A nostalgic journey in sound around the UK from the chimes of Big Ben to She's A Lassie From Lancashire.On the BBC label from 1969. The blurb on the back says - "All kinds of music are represented on this disc - from true folk music and traditional tunes centuries old to the latest creations from Merseyside and Swinging London. Many of the numbers have been specially recorded for a "A British Sampler", others are from the BBC archives and from BTA's sound library, and one or two have been created electronically by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop." A British Sampler - Side One


Bernard said...

I hope I'm 'allowed' to say in this day of 'hideously' PC nonsense, that this is a perfect 'picture' of life as I remember it. If BBC did a similar recording today....?
I've downloaded this for nostalgia. I wish the tracks were separate as I could use many of those.
Thanks for all these.

Wastedpapiers said...

Hi Bernard. I'm sure you are allowed! It would be very different ofcourse and thee lies the charm of this record I guess though I suspect even back in 1969 we would all have a different take on what would make a sound sampler of the UK! The BBC does not hold a monopoly of all recorded sound thankfully!