Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pankat Kawayan

A curious record found in a charity shop some time ago. It's from the Philippines- maybe brought back from a holiday? It's an instrumental album by PangKat Kawayan "The Singing Bamboos" and consists partly of traditional Filipino music and western classical favourites like The Skater's Waltz, Carnival In Vienna and Hungarian Dance No. 5.
Here's what it says on the sleeve notes-

" This orchestral band whose solo medium of musical intrumentation come from the bamboo came to be created in late '66 at the the Aurora A. Quezon Elementary School through the initiative of the school's principal, Miss laura Gorospe, whose dream tehn was "to revive and develop an almost dying aspect of our native intrumental music - that of ' muiskong bumbong'......'

All the players are between 8 and 15 years.

Discover more about the traditional music of the Philippines HERE.

Pankat Kawayan - Philipine Medley

Pankat Kawayan - Pandagguman

Pankat Kawayan - Skater Waltz

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