Sunday, July 25, 2010

Die Stimmungswalze

A curious EP on the German Telefunken label I found today at a local boot sale. Recorded in 1960. A strange mixture of oompa bands and laughing and carousing folk intent on having a good time. I must admit the image of the young Helga and Rolf disporting themselves on the red road roller on the sleeve did attract my attention.
Roughly translated the front cover says - "The mood roller. mitschunkein all times, laugh sing along! The
S. Vierlinger brass band and a jolly round."

Songs include -

My hat has three corners - May has arrived - Beer here! Beer here! - It's a roundelay - Hark, what's really out there of 'pure - You, are you lying in my heart - Already, the youth - A Seefaht that is funny - Walking is the Mullers Lust - High he shall live.

Die Stimmungswalze - Side 1

Die Stimmungswalze - Side 2

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Reimer said...

Vielen dank - for you Tommy ze download iss ofer.