Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tom Foy

A 78 found today in a charity shop amongst some others- mostly classical.
I know little about Tom Foy . He reminds me of George Formby but without the ukulele - a sort of northern gormless comedian that was popular back then. Looking back we wonder why!

"Although famed as "The Yorkshire Lad", Mr. Foy was born in Manchester, of Irish parents. After
serving his apprenticeship as a sign writer, he set up in business in Halifax, training in his spare time
as an acrobat at nearby Shroggs Park. Tiring of sign writing he joined a travelling circus as a scenic
artist and clown, and made his first music-hall appearance in Manchester as a lightning cartoonist.
There followed work as a song and dance man, a black-faced comedian in a Wild West show, then as
an Irish comedian. It was Eugene Stratton who urged him to go to London, and arranged a trial turn at
the Oxford. He soon became established in the West End, presenting his broad Yorkshire comedy
sketches, including "Tom Foy and His Donkey" [which included a live donkey]. In pantomime he was a
popular dame, but his real panto' speciality was as "Idle Jack." Tom Foy collapsed while playing the
Argyle, Birkenhead on 23 July, 1917, and died a few weeks later at the age of 38."

Tom Foy - In Trouble Again

Tom Foy - Much Obliged To Me

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