Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Stargazers Of Kumasi

EP on the Philips label from 1963. The Stargazers consist of DeRoy Taylor, Adlib Kwaku Anim, Dan Danquah,and Patience Ocansey.

The label blurb says -

"The "Stargazers" dance band is a highlife-band with a very popular "beat", a beat created in Kumasi, but well known for years thoughout West Africa.
This popularity did not come easily and they had to work hard for their success by composing first-class dance music, playing well rehearsed arrangements and travelling to many places in Ghana and other West African counties to find dance halls.
The Stargazers of Kumasi ave made broadcasts and were the first Ghanaian band to appear on television (W.N.T.V.) and they have also made a large number of records."

Stargazers - Maggie Menewo Bewu/Fa To Woho Fa

Stargazers - Asamando/Wansemapobi

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zim said...

Would love to hear the full lp.

take of for highlife #1 featuring the springbok dance band was posted here: