Friday, December 09, 2011

Mike Terry

Initially attracted to the smiling face of Mr. Terry and his Clackers I was sadly disappointed when I played this LP on the Joy label from 1972. It's a kind of poor man's Russ Conway/ Mrs. Mills record and hardly worth a second listen. I upload one side so you can see what I mean.

The sleeve notes say -

"Mike terry has built himself quite a reputation around the Northern Clubs as a honky tonk pianist, reputation which is spreading South with each record and each appearance. And when you count amongst these appearances one with Dorothy Squires at her second epic making Palladium concert you can imagine the strength of the invasion. Dorothy, in fact, has a lot to do with Mike's success; she taught him stagecraft - and who better to instruct in the art of holding an audience. The story starts some 28 years ago when Mike was born in Leeds. At thirteen he was taking piano lessons from a local teacher and at fiteen had won a local honky tonk contest. The prize was Winifred Atwell's "other piano". A prize that Mike treasures to this day."

Tracks are -

1. In Apple Blossom Time/ The Honeysuckle & The Bee/ Moonlight & Roses
2. Scotalnd The Brave/I Love A Lassie/ Roaming In The Gloaming
3. I Cant Give You Anything But Love Baby/ Side By Side/ Happy Days & Lonely Nights
4. Always/ My Wonderful One/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

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Anonymous said...

ectI Saw Mike play as a support artist to Dorothy Squires and `live` he was a very good warm up act, too camp for my tastes and he certainly seemed to get larger all the time. His act usually concluded with a crowd pleasing `Zorba the Greek`. Following the sad death of Dorothy Squires he staged an ill advised tribute at HER HAJESTYS THEATRE to Dprothy. I loved Dorothy and the last thing I wanted to see was this show which was a disaster by all accounts.