Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Charlie Gillett - Kevin Rowland

Another cassette of a Charlie Gillett radio show from the 80's featuring Dexy's Midnight Runners front man Kevin Rowland choosing some of his favourite records which include songs by Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield etc.

Wikipedia says -

"Rowland was born in Wolverhampton, England on 17 August 1953 to Irish parents. His first group, Lucy & The Lovers, were influenced by Roxy Music and turned out to be short-lived. His next project, punk rock act The Killjoys, were slightly more successful, releasing the single "Johnny Won't Go To Heaven" in 1977. Alienated by the punk scene, Rowland, together with Killjoys guitarist, Kevin Archer, decided to form a new soul-influenced group, Dexys Midnight Runners. Many of the group's songs were inspired by Rowland's Irish ancestry and were recognisable through Rowland's idiosyncratic vocal style. On forming the band Rowland thought it was "important to have a vocal style", he later recalled, "and I had the idea of putting that 'crying' voice on", partly inspired by General Johnson of Chairmen of the Board.
When Dexys disbanded in 1987, Rowland recorded a solo album, The Wanderer which, together with its three singles, was a commercial failure. His next release was not until 1999 when he recorded a collection of interpretations of classic songs called My Beauty, the album cover of which depicted a heavily made-up Rowland in a dress and women's lingerie.
In 2003, Rowland reformed Dexys Midnight Runners - featuring only one other original member, bassist Pete Williams who fulfilled the role as Rowland's co-vocalist - and embarked on a successful comeback tour backed up with a greatest hits compilation album including two newly recorded songs, "Manhood" and "My Life in England". Both of these new songs were radio tested by the record label, but neither received enough airplay for them to be considered worthwhile releasing.
In December 2006, Rowland launched his own MySpace page where he has promised another Dexys album, and posted some articles to his blog. The song, "It's OK Johanna", is available there. He also appeared as a DJ at the 2007 Big Chill festival."

Charlie Gillett - Kevin Rowland Side One

Charlie Gillett - Kevin Rowland Side Two


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Mr Gillett. I was never very fond of Kevin Rowland but I have to admit his track choices were pretty good. Interesting tape.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated.

cozy t said...

great stuff from one of the more
flamboyent characters from the eighties as well as the music being played

on another tip, have all the
Charlie Gillett 'Undercurrents' series that you have been uploaded or are there any unearthed shows waiting in the wings?
cozy t

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks cozy - glad you have been enjoying them. I feel certain theres a few more Undercurrants in the archive somewhere but havent found them all yet. Some tapes just have Charlie Gillett written on them and nothing else so hard to know what station and dates etc. Never been my strong point!

cozy t said...

that sounds ok to me!

i'll keep my fingers crossed
cozy t