Saturday, February 19, 2011

Portsmouth Sinfonia

From the other side of that Marty Feldman cassette. Some popular songs given the PS treatment. I've heard worse orchestras I must admit! Funny for about 2 minutes.

Wikipedia says -

"The Portsmouth Sinfonia was an orchestra founded by a group of students at the Portsmouth School of Art in Portsmouth, England, in 1970. The Sinfonia had an unusual entrance requirement, in that players had to either be non-musicians, or if a musician, play an instrument that was entirely new to them. Among the founding members was one of their teachers, English composer Gavin Bryars. The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single. They last performed publicly in 1979."

Songs include - Pinball Wizard, Apache, Leader Of The Pack and A Whiter Shade Of Pale.

Portsmouth Sinfonia - Rock Classics

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Sip the Light Umbongo said...

Many thanks for this.. after hearing their '2001' I was eager to endure more. Apache reminds me of the Penguin cafe orchestra.. which is more a personal criticsm of the latter than a compliment for the former.