Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lower Mess-Deck Chorale Ensemble

Found ina charity shop in Wrexham yesterday for a few pence. I was attracted by the cheerful cartoon sleeve art initially. The songs are pretty much your average rude rugby song sung by sailors, or drunks pretending to be sailors. Its pretty awful but I thought you might like to hear it so you could avoid it if you ever saw it in a flea market or boot sale. On the cheapo Summit label from 1966.


1. She'll be Coming Round The Mountain
2. The Old Red Flannel Drawers That Maggie Wore
3. Poor Blind Nell
4. John Brown's Body
5. Poor Little Angeline
6. The Sailor Come Home On leave
7. The Sailor's Prayer

Lower Mess-Deck Ensemble - Side One


Gail's Man said...

49p for such a unique sound. Bargain. Records in Nottingham charity shops range from 49p to a couple of quid. Oxfam charge outrageous amounts sometimes for the most standard 80s chart hit.

Anonymous said...

Love this stuff! You gonna post side two so I can avoid that too? Please?

Anonymous said...

Gonna post the other side? I mean, just so we can avoid that too!

Anonymous said...

Do you have side 2?