Thursday, February 01, 2007

Peter Blegvad

An excerpt from a promo CD to tie in with the release of his 1990 album "King Strut & Other Stories". Someone dubbed it to a tape for me at the time so no other details with it.

Wikipedia says -

"Peter Blegvad (born 14 August 1951) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and cartoonist. He was a founding member of the avant-rock band Slapp Happy which later merged briefly with Henry Cow and has released many solo and collaborative albums since Slapp Happy split up.
He collaborated with bassist John Greaves (recording Kew. Rhône with Greaves in 1977) and a much later collection of spoken word pieces set to Greaves' music, Unearthed. In the 1980s, he released a number of commercially-unsuccessful albums on the Virgin Records label, including The Naked Shakespeare and Knights Like This, both of which show the influence of external producers with fulsome and contemporary instrumentation. By contrast, Downtime, an independent release in the late 1980s features mainly very simple demos, often recorded cheaply in professional studios' "downtime". King Strut and Other Stories (Virgin, 1990) is a collection of short stories set to simply-arranged, professionally-produced music played in many cases by noted session musicians. The album features XTC's Andy Partridge while Orpheus - The Lowdown (2003) is a whole album in collaboration with Partridge. Many of Blegvad's albums feature former members of Slapp Happy and Henry Cow and Slapp Happy have re-formed on occasion for specific projects."

Discover more about Peter Blegvad HERE

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shadrac blintz said...

I collect Peter Blegvad's stuff, I think he's a very talented artist musician and wordsmith.
Thanks for putting this up.

michael said...

My pleasure shadrac. It's sad he's not more appreciated.

shadrac blintz said...

you might know this but Peter appears fairly regularly on
BBC Radio 3's The Verb programme that can be heard here
He performs his eartoons rather than his music.

michael said...

I was aware of it but neglected to mention it so thanks again shad for bringing it to our attention!
I rarely listen to the radio so have missed most of these but Peter's contribution is always a treat for the ears!

TFO said...

Since Blegvad fans are few and far between, and the number of people who even know who he is is quite a bit less, i must weigh in and say that i, too, am a fan. I've been a Bleggy (i only just spontaneously created that very silly term) since about 1983 or so. Seen him once, with Chris Cutler and John Greaves supporting, and actually had a short conversation with him after the show. He was very nice. Glad to know of some more fans!