Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Harry Hudon's Melody Men

Not much found on the internet about Harry Hudson but David Glow on YouTube seems to know things - "Harry Hudson was a music hall personality who recorded solo comic records for Edison Bell Records..In 1928,the newly formed Edison Bell Radio label was born, and Hudson was approached to become the musical director. So Hudson began recording several hundred records before the depression, finally sank the label, in 1932/33 However from 1934 enterprising Hudson,went on to concentrate on the Variety Club circuit. in Great Britain. Someone informed me that in old age he played piano intros on a TV quiz show in the 1950's..It seemed he had a very upbeat personality. The Radio records have a loud,dynamic sound that showed Hudson's classy studios bands to their best advantage. Here Sylvester Ahola is present on trumpet lead in a hot,tight rendition of this evergreen song. Hudson was not shy man, and took vocals himself,on a number of records,in spite of being a poor singer.Joe Leigh is the vocalist on this record. Hudson seems to have got on well with Al Bowlly as they teamed up again at Decca which he played piano on some of Al's solo records in 1934. He has never had the proper acknowledgement of his massive contribution to British musical history and is not well known today." Harry Hudson - Marie. Harry Hudson - Building A Nest For Mary.


BobSanders said...

Harry Hudson was latterly the pianist on Wilfred Pickles' radio show "Have A Go" which I remember very weel from the 50s. Previously, though, he had made some good dance records under various names.


Wastedpapiers said...

Cheers for the info Bob. I'm old enough to remember Wilfred Pickles too sadly! "Give 'im the money Mabel!"

Bernard said...

Very true Bob/WP.
When I was a lad my Mum took us up into 'Town'(B'ham) to hear Wilfred Pickles broadcast "Have a go Joe".
I must have heard Harry Hudson live, although at the time I didn't know it. All I remember was - "Give him the Money Mabel." (as WP says). I assume Mabel was Wilfred's wife, but I'm not sure?
Hey, WP, my friend. :)
I didn't think you were old enough to remember all this.
For some reason (?) I've always thought of you - in your 30'. Strange thing this internet. I shall be 70! this year.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Bernard - well, I shall be collecting my pension this year but feel 30 inside my head!
Also didn't Violet Carson ( Ena Sharples) also play piano for Wilfred Pickles or is that a vile rumour going around?