Monday, November 21, 2011

Tudo E!...Bossa Nova

An LP on the Helium label from Brazil I found in a charity shop today. I was attracted to the odd cover which seems to depict a Latin orchestra made of pipe cleaners. Gentle MOR jazz with a latin beat.

"Parallel to the rise of bossa, climbed the charts to sambalanço that without coming to constitute a movement, has injected more tele-teco (as it was then) the old pace conceived in the Bahian Aunts house in downtown Rio at the beginning of century.Some suppliers and representatives of the sector: Elza Soares, Milton (graduate of the vocal group The Lovers), Ed Lincoln (who played in the Plaza nightclub, another stronghold of the inaugural bossa), Djalma Ferreira, Orlan Divo, Silvio Cesar Luis Flag (author of "samba whistle"), Peter Rodrigues, Luis Reis, Haroldo Barbosa, Luis Antonio, Jadir Roberto Castro and John Kelly.

But bossa was above all a movement of emergency in the country's urban developmental stage Kubitschek's presidency (1955-60) and concentrated in Rio in the apartments south of the future as the singer Nara Leão She headquartered in Copacabana gatherings of young writers and musicians such as Carlos Lyra, Roberto Menescal, Boscoli Ronaldo, Sergio Ricardo and Chico Feitosa, among others. The concerts of the group began in the university (it was the first Brazilian musical movement out of college) and added numerous other innovators. In Durval Ferreira (Sambop, different beat) the precursor Silvia Telles (whom some attribute another milestone inaugural was the Night, by Jobim and Newton Mendonça, 1957), Leny Andrade and the first of the new trend of instrumental led by people as Oscar Castro Neves (musicians and their brethren), Sergio Mendes, Luis Carlos Vines, JT Meirelles, beyond the instrumental / vocal Tamba Trio (Luis Eca, Bebeto, Hélcio Milito) that next to Bossa 3 (Vines, Tiao Netto, Edison Machado) would usher in a fever of sets of piano, bass and drums. It was a moment of excitement instrumental in the development of young musicians like Paulo Moura, Tenorio Junior, Dom Um Romao, Milton Banana, Edson Maciel, Raul de Souza and the rise of conductor and arranger Eumir Deodato and Moacyr Santos."

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