Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Eddie Lund & His Tahitians

"And here the fourth TAMOURE which leaves enunmoisa sorrow... While waiting cinquieme and the continuation... I think that it will be the maeillor: Because, more rapid that a Caravel, TAHITI invaded Paris in one night... Because for this insane night of the Holy Club Hilaire the TAMOURE has had gane its letters of nobility and the friendship of French the Paris Whole... of the islands it became Parisian! And I am on malgre the cold and the gray of the winter the sun and the chaleureaux sky of the islands will regneront On bets this season..."

From the Babelfish translation of the french on the back of the cover of this 45 EP I found many years ago at Brick Lane flea market. Some frantic ukulele playing and delightful vocal refrains make this a record to treasure!

Tahitian folk music sounds not unlike Hawaiian folk music but played at the wrong speed!

A short biography about Eddie Lund HERE

Eddie Lund - Tau Mafatu

Eddie Lund - Mama Iti E

Eddie Lund - Toku Tokaringa

Eddie Lund - E Ua Reka E

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Pokey said...

Plase upload the Eddie Lund LPs again..:)



Some of Mr.Lund's Hawaiian/Tahitian tunes got into the Capitol Records-John Seely library that Gumby and I may have been accompanied by..
[Went to Hawaii October 2009l as a matter of fact, and have the Hawaiian Princess Cruise shirt..]

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the feedback Pokey. I will definatley uplaod this EP again if I can find it. Sadly no LP's of Eddie in my collection.

kadao ton kao said...

Hi, I just discoverd your blog today and sadly the link doesn't seem to work anymore. But good news for you, there's a bunch of mr Lund and other tahitian deligths here: kadaotonkao.blogspot.fr

Wastedpapiers said...

Many thanks Kadao - thanks for the link - you have a great blog!

kadao ton kao said...

thanks ;-)
could you re up the ep please?
I'll put some Tahitian stuff later this year (some manuiti and some second generation of modernised tamure). Also some maori and other polyneesian music...

Wastedpapiers said...

Certainly - if I can find it again!