Thursday, January 03, 2008

Anton Karas

I thought I had uplaoded some Anton Karas before but I just checked the archive and couldn't see him. I always loved the "Harry Lime Theme" and it's a great British film(The Third Man) too which you must see if you haven't already. The version on this EP on the Decca label from 1963 is slightly different from the film soundtrack I think though equally as good I think.

The sleeve notes say -

"The producer of THE THIRD MAN, Carol Reed, was fascinated by the wonderful melody being coaxed out of the zither. Anton Karas was playing at that time in one of the many wine-gardens in the city of Vienna where Reed was looking for locations....

After the films release, offers poured in to Anton, from variety theatres, record companies and night clubs. His fans included King George VI and Princess Margaret to thousands who attended his music hall and bill topping tours around the country.

Evenetually Anton returend to Vienna and opened his own wine-garden, appropriately enough called "Zum Dritten Mann", or if you prefer, at the sign of The Third Man."

You can see Anton Karas playing "The Third Man" theme HERE

Anton Karas - The Harry Lime Theme

Anton Karas - Cafe Mozart Waltz

Anton Karas - In Grinzing

Anton Karas - Lili Marlene

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