Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sack Trick

A strange CD I found at Crewe flea market a few years back. It reminds me of Black Sabbath crossed with Monty Python and the Bonzos! I was attracted by the masked bunnies on the cover I must admit. The whole thing has a glorious home-made feel to it and it's on theiur own Sack Trick label. Its still available along with more recent offerings which you can check out at their amusing website.

Wikipedia says-

"Sack Trick began when Chris Dale, Alex Dickson and Alessandro Elena (A.K.A Sponder), the founding members of the band, played with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson on his solo Balls to Picasso tour. After the tour, Alex and Bruce wrote Bruce's next solo album, titled Skunkworks. Chris Dale co-wrote Innerspace, which featured on the album, as well as writing two songs, I'm in a band with an Italian drummer and Americans are Behind. Bruce encouraged Chris to write more, and decided to include Chris's songs as B-sides to Back from the edge, the only single from the Skunkworks album. The tracks were also included on the second disc of the 2005 "Expanded Edition" of the album. After the Skunkworks tour, the band split. Bruce went on to make his Accident of Birth album, while Chris continued writing and formed Sack Trick with Alex and Alessandro.
Sack Trick played their first gig on 12th May 1998, at HQ's in London, England. The lineup was Chris Dale (bass), Jef Streatfield (guitar), Robin Guy (drums), Jem Davis (keyboards). Since then, the lineup has undergone changes for nearly every gig the band has played, bringing in talent from all over the UK, including members of bands such as Rachel Stamp, Skunk Anansie and Rainbow, and even a gig featuring Bruce Dickinson on vocals."

Sack Trick - Hiring Camels

Sack Trick - Maialino

Sack Trick - Shoelaces

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