Friday, September 15, 2006

Screaming Lord Sutch

Dracula's Daughter by Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages.

"Although he was never a major pop player in the 60s - he was always more famous for being famous - Screaming Lord Sutch's band The Savages included Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore. Sutch plundered his act wholesale from Screaming Jay Hawkins and added a dash of Hammer horror; Blackmore often recalled the indignity of being a serious muso, standing in a West london pub dressed only in a loincloth, trying to keep his mind on playing as Sutch emerged from a coffin and advanced on him with a blood-dripping dagger drawn.

He also teamed up with Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Blackmore and others on the 1969 album 'Screaming Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends', which was a pretty dire record, though his early 60s horrorshow rock pre-dated Alice Cooper, The Damned, Marilyn Manson and any number of goth bands by years. But it is as a 'political buffoon' that he will be best remembered."

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spice-the-cat said...

Huddersfield Town Hall, must have been around '74 or '75. Ah, the memories.